COVID-19 Phased Re-Opening

COVID-19 / Coronavirus :   Phased Re-Opening

A message from our doctors:

Safety is our first priority.  As Clay County and Missouri transition to lifting stay-at-home orders, we are gradually reopening our services.  We are doing this in a very careful manner.  Please see our protective measures outlined below.  We are introducing new and improved processes for prompt check-in and limiting wait times to ensure proper social distancing.   Please do not hesitate to call us for more information and to arrange your healthcare services so that we  all stay safe and healthy.

- Dr. Ann Waterman and Dr. Melanie Linderer

•         As of May 4th, 2020: we are starting to schedule routine eye care services as well as continuing to handle urgent eye care problems.

•         Our office continues to be open during our regular hours but we are expanding the time that the doctors see patients.  Normally we start seeing patients at 9am and stop at 5pm.  In order to properly “social distance” our patients the doctors will start seeing patients at 8:30am and will see patients until 5:30pm on Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, until 7pm on Tuesday, and until 2pm on Saturday.

•         Entrance to the office will remain limited, and screening upon entry, including temperature checks, will be required.       All staff is currently screened for fever every time they enter the office.

•         We ask that only one patient enter the office at a time.  If a friend or family member comes with you, we ask that they wait in the car.  Exceptions to this policy will be made for patients needing a care-giver to assist them and minors.

•         All patients, visitors, and staff will be required to wear masks when they enter the office.

•         Prior to your visit staff will be contacting you to screen for COVID-19 risk factors and then will determine the most appropriate setting for care.  Risk factor screening includes a new fever or respiratory illness, patients exposed to individuals known or suspected to have COVID-19 within the last 14 days, patients who have tested positive for COVID-19, and patients who returned from travel to high-risk areas within the last 14 days.

•         If screening shows that it is not a good idea for you to come to the office in person we now offer “telehealth” visits and “virtual check-in” services. Telehealth visits are an excellent way for patients to continue receiving face-to-face care with their provider using a smart device, while allowing them to stay at home.  Virtual check-ins, for established patients, are done by phone and allow you to discuss your problems with the doctor.   Our doctors will help decide if a
“telehealth” visit or a “virtual check-in” is appropriate for you.

•         Check-in Procedures have changed to keep you as safe as possible.  When you arrive at the office we ask that you give us a call (816)781-2100 to let us know that you are here.  As soon as we have a room ready for you, we will call you and have you come in to the office.  When you get to the front desk we will do a temperature check, view your ID and insurance cards as necessary and take you directly back to the exam room or tech dispensing area.

•         We streamlined our check-out procedure to make it more convenient and to promote better “social distancing.”  We are now able to email  your prescription and transaction receipts directly to you.

During the recovery phase, it is critical that we continue to practice the ways in which we collectively flattened the curve:

!     Practice social distancing
!     Wash your hands
!     Stay home when sick
!     Exercise good judgement about being in public
!     Call your healthcare provider if you are concerned about having COVID symptoms or being exposed to the virus